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Unconstrained Equity

We believe that:

  • A concentrated portfolio of high-conviction Growth and Value stocks should consistently outperform a blended index. 
  • Well constructed portfolios of 20-25 positions may be less volatile than benchmarks with hundreds of holdings.
  • Longitudinal diversification over a full market cycle offers advantages over static, incremental sector bets.

This strategy is:

  • Designed to diversify and increase the risk-adjusted return of a core equity portfolio.
  • Typically categorized as small or mid cap blend.
  • Eclectic, benchmark agnostic, broadly dispersed, often style tilted.
  • Intended to outperform broad market benchmarks (S&P 500, Russell 3000) by 200 basis points per year after fees with alpha of at least 300 basis points over most rolling 36-month and 60-month periods.
  • Expected to provide very low correlation (R-squared below 0.60) to broad equity indices.

We want to own uniquely attractive Growth and Value stocks.